Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Temple – ISKCON Mangalore

The temple is located on Arya Samaj Road, Kadri, Mangaluru. The attractive Deities of Lord Krishna and Balarama awaken a feeling of devotion in the minds of those visiting the temple.

The temple is a place of various devotional activities and also a center for dissemination of spiritual knowledge contained in the Vedic literatures. All the temple activities are aimed at bringing about a God-centered life among the people in the society. In addition to the worship of the Deities, sankirtan and lectures form the daily program of the temple. Many festivals are celebrated at different times of the year in commemoration of Lord Krishna’s pastimes with His devotees. Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Ratha Yatra is one among the major festivals which draw a large number of devotees from Mangaluru and the surrounding areas of the city.

Other special activities:

FOLK (Friends of Lord Krishna): The objective of this program is to mold the present younger generation into tomorrow’s responsible citizens leading a God conscious life with moral and religious values. Special classes are held on weekends to train the youth who are inquisitive about leading a meaningful and happy life. The sessions are based on the teachings of Srila Prabhupada (the Founder-Acharya of ISKCON) who has written a number of books in accordance with the Vedic knowledge in order to guide everyone on the spiritual path. The training module consists of interactive classes, kirtans and many other aspects of devotional service, culminating with delicious prasadam for the participants.

Home Satsang: The temple conducts nearly 20 weekly satsang programs (associating with people trying to make spiritual progress in life) in Mangaluru. About 20-40 people attend these programs to learn more about leading a devotional life. Satsang is arranged both in the temple and also at homes of devotees residing in your neighbourhood.  The program entails spiritual discussion on Vedic literatures like Bhagavad-gita, chanting Hare Krishna mantra, questions & answers and prasadam. Satsang is effective in inspiring participants to give up bad habits which hinder one’s social and spiritual growth and to take up devotional life. Thus one can experience the beginning of a spiritual awakening within oneself. Temple encourages congregation members and new visitors to the temple to enroll for the program.

Life Membership: Those who become life members of ISKCON by donating the membership amount become a part of ISKCON’s family. They can attend the spiritual programs by staying in the temple for a couple of days. There are many other benefits like special invitation during festivals, special puja in their name every year, etc. At present, over 1000 life members have joined the ISKCON family.

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